9 Ways to Celebrate & Save Money!

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By The Women's Conference Community

Want to keep your holidays affordable and festive? The Women’s Conference community has you covered with these 9 tips.

1. Give “Experience” Gifts

Therese Factora: How about "experience" gifts? Teach someone how to bake a favorite cake. Take them to a community theater. Bring them to a salon for their first-ever mani/pedi. Or create the inexpensive "My Family's Greatest Hits" CD with everyone's favorite songs. The list goes on...

2. Host an Adult & Kids Sleepover

Beth Muscoreil: Have a sleepover for adults & children! Everyone brings a dish to pass for dinner. Make "gift certificates" like "I'll clean up my room without you asking," "I'll read you an extra story at bedtime," "I'll watch your children so you can take a nap." Sometimes a sweet, tender gesture means a lot and deepens and strengthens relationships.

3. Plant a Garden

Asiya Khan: Plant a garden for someone. Neighbours get together and collect cuttings and seedlings. Beautify one neighbour’s life.

4. Give Live Wreaths

Dee Dee: I give live Christmas wreaths as a family gift to my friends. They are about $15.00 at the home & garden center. You can find ornaments or ribbon on sale to decorate -- or use old ornaments that you haven't used in years. I give them the first week of December to put my friends in the spirit.

5. Sing Songs at a Nursing Home

Sharon Bradley: Grab a couple of friends and go sing Christmas songs to the elderly in nursing and senior care homes. For them, a little bit of holiday cheer goes a long way, and, for many, it may be the only personal holiday cheer they receive.

6. Bake Goodies

Marie De Los Reyes: Bake goodies for gifts. Get wholesale wrapping and containers. I like to receive jams, condiments and chutneys. It’s hard to make just for myself, so I really appreciate when I receive them as gifts.

7. Stick to a Budget

Maral Kazazian: Spend only what you can afford. Use only cash and remember one thing...expensive presents are not always the best!

8. Lower the Bar

Julie Raymond: It's okay to lower the bar, lower your expectations and relax into the holiday... It doesn't have to be Martha Stewart perfect... Laughing and enjoying one another is more important than spending hours perfectly wrapping thousands of packages, or getting the latest and greatest twinkle lights.

9. Celebrate the Meaning of the Holidays

Vicki Brydges Merke: Celebrate real Christmas, not commercial Christmas. Donate to charity; walk dogs at the local shelter; make someone else's Christmas brighter by sponsoring a family less fortunate. Serve dinner at your local homeless shelter. These things don't cost a lot, last a lot longer and have much more meaning. If everyone focused on doing things like this, Christmas would have some real meaning again.

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