Afternoon Breakout Conversations

Tuesday, October 26
3:00 - 4:00 PM

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It’s Time to Learn What to Do With Your Money in These Crazy Times

Host: Lisa J. Stevens, EVP, Regional President, California Regional Banking, Wells Fargo & Company

Come and learn from the greatest personal finance expert of our time on a subject that is near and dear to your heart.  You and your money.  Whether you have money you want money or need money this is THE MONEY CLASS for you.


It’s Time to Learn How to Build Self-Esteem and Leadership in Young Women

Host: Kathy O'Brien, Vice President of Marketing for Personal Care, Unilever
Moderator: Gayle King, Editor at Large, O, The Oprah Magazine and Host of The Gayle King Show

There are all kinds of social pressures we face. It can be particularly hard on young women. False media images of what’s “normal” or “desirable” or “cool” can crash our self-esteem. Katherine Schwarzenegger shares her personal journey to developing a healthy body image. Jessica Simpson offers her secrets to success. Jess Weiner offers a global perspective on self-worth.



It’s Time to Talk About Overcoming the Unimaginable   

Host: Crystal Ashby, Executive Vice-President Government and Public Affairs, BP America
Moderator: Lisa Ling, Journalist

Try to imagine your four-year-old son being taken to a Brazil and the struggle of five years tirelessly fighting to bring him home. Imagine being sentenced to 12 years of hard labor in North Korea for “hostile acts” and the anguish faced by your sister back home. Imagine losing both parents in an auto accident on your college graduation day because of another driver talking on a cell phone. Or the horror of female genital cutting and the battle to end the centuries-old practice in Africa. These five lived it and endured. Find out how.




It’s Time to Hear From Fearless Women Who Use Their Voices to Change the World

Host: Graciela Meibar, Vice President, Global Sales Training & Global Diversity, Mattel, Inc.
Moderator: Judy Woodruff, Senior Correspondent, The PBS NewsHour

All of us are Architects of Change. And some of us have made changes that touch lives around the globe. In different fields, in different ways, these activists have steadfastly refused to take “no” for an answer and, in the process, reshaped the world we live in.


It’s Time to Speak From Your Heart

Host: Lisa Nelson, Head of Global Government Relations, Visa
Moderator: Robin Roberts, Co-Anchor, ABC's Good Morning America

There is nothing comparable to living in the White House. Former First Lady Laura Bush spent eight years there under the glare of an international spotlight. She has also visited 76 countries. Now the former schoolteacher from Midland Texas champions efforts around the world to strengthen human rights and improve health care and educational opportunities for women. She’s joined by Robin Roberts in telling her unique and powerful story.


It’s Time to Get a Winning Wardrobe and an Attitude to Match

Host: Amy Rapawy, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Jones New York

Whether it’s on the job or out on the town, other people form opinions about you in a matter of seconds – almost exclusively based on your appearance. Hal Rubenstein has been helping people find their right “Look” for more than 15 years at InStyle and providing them the confidence pull it off.



It's Time to Create Your Own Business

Host: Nora Denzel, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Employee Management Solutions, Intuit Inc.

  • Laila Ali, World Champion Athlete, Television Personality, Mother
  • Teresa Delfin, Founder, Mountain Mama, Inc.
  • Tory Johnson, CEO, Women For Hire, Workplace Contributor, Good Morning America

Take your passion and turn it into a paycheck with practical advice from women who have been there and re-invented themselves. Teresa Delfin, an anthropologist who loves mountaineering, discovered no one made outdoor performance wear for expectant mothers. Now her company, Mountain Mama, does. Boxer Laila Ali is launching her own line of haircare products. Fired from her job, Tory Johnson created Women for Hire and now offers workplace advice on Good Morning America.