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Alexis Jones, Founder, i am that girl

The very tippy, top of my To Do list for 2010 is wildly unusual for me. I normally have the “complete a book, run a marathon, win a Nobel Peace Prize” kind of expectations, but 2010 is the year of being kinder to myself. So my number one priority is simple -- loving myself more. I feel like today we’re expected to be Superwomen, and it’s so easy to fall into the trap of unrealistic, unattainable expectations of perfection and the disappointment and self-critique that quickly follow. 

I was recently told that the way we treat ourselves is a direct correlation to the way we treat others. So really, to exercise compassion, patience, unconditional love and forgiveness with myself is to practice for how I treat others. For me that means, a little more giggles and less discipline, a little more chocolate and a little less salad, a little more flirting and a little less work. So, 2010 is about loving myself as is... PERFECTLY FLAWED!

Alexis Jones founded the empowerment company i am that girl. She has a Masters in Communication Management from USC and is a leader in creating social change, global awareness, and empowerment for women. Alexis has created a bold reputation for herself in the motivational speaking world due not only to her exceptional life experience, but her commitment to critical inquiry into women’s issues and her passion for inspiring people to recognize and fulfill their highest potential. Alexis will be on tour in 2010 for the launch of her new book, Be That Girl, I Dare You.

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