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Alicia Keys, Singer, Songwriter, Actress, Philanthropist





There are many guys I love who have made a difference. I Love Deepak Chopra! I LOVE his books and his insight and the way that he wants to provide light and love to the world. I love Barak Obama and his passion for humanity and the way that shines through in every single move he makes. But the guy that I LOVE the most that I would like to write about now is my Uncle Joe McCarty. He is just one of those guys that endears EVERYONE he meets. He has the OG factor about him that is instantly James Dean cool and Dean Martin fun loving and funny. He has an attitude about him that just makes you feel loved and tended to and you're always excited about Uncle Joe coming over. He and my Aunt Mary have been together since high school and every time I see them they couldn't be more solid and loving toward one another and they have shown me that LOVE DOES last the test of time and can grow MORE beautiful with each blooming day. They have fantastic children and grandchildren and what I consider a very special life that touches all who come in contact with it, with gentleness, openness, kindness and grace. And in all of those ways, I know he has made a difference in the world because surely he has made a difference in my life. I've come to find that it's sometimes the smallest things that make the greatest impact.

What does it mean to be the proprietor of your destiny? If you’re a singer, songwriter, pianist extraordinaire, producer, author, news correspondent, award winner, philanthropist and actress like Alicia Keys, it’s probably perceived as affluence. For Keys, prosperity isn’t measured monetarily but through passion, self-fulfillment and life experiences. It’s this philosophy that has made the songstress a master of endless promise and impressive achievements.

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