Ana Baron


Ana Baron
Ana Baron, Journalist & Author

In Argentina, the country where I was born, women’s salaries are 14.2% lower than men. If you take Latin America as a whole, it rises to 17.2%. This kind of discrimination exists all over the world, even here in America, which is now my home.

Research has shown that the cause of this salary inequity between genders is not only employers’ attitudes, as everybody believes. Women have more part-time jobs than men. They also are self-employed more than men. And they are on leave more frequently due to, among other things, maternity. Is that what women want? No, of course not. What we want are more equitable hiring and promotion practices, compensation equality and better workplace policies. Also we want corporations and businesses to provide more daycare nurseries and to adopt measures to better support families in the reality of today’s world.  Why hasn’t this been done yet? That’s what we want.
Ana Baron is a Washington, DC-based correspondent for Clarin, Argentina’s major daily newspaper. Born in Argentina, she is the author of two books, "Bill Clinton - Keys to Understand His Government", and "Why They Are Gone? A Study on the Argentinean Exile," both published by EMECE, in Argentina.

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