Announcing The Great September Giveaway
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Our September Great Giveaway, launched with Conference Presenting Sponsor Kodak, invited members of The Women’s Conference community to share a photo and a brief paragraph of their favorite summer moment.

The entries reflect the moments that touch us all – unfettered childhood bliss, adulthood epiphanies -- illnesses weathered, help offered and received. We’ve chosen our winner – Sabeen, the author of “a face of perfection… one moment in time.” Her photo illustrates the joy that can come even in the face of disaster, in this case – the Pakistan floods. It also illustrates our community's commitment to giving back – she will return to Pakistan in December to continue to help rebuild the country. Her photo, and those of our runners up, illustrate our power as women – to help others, and to help ourselves.


a face of perfection...a moment in time


My summer moment came in knee high waters. Labeled a disaster of recent times. It came with hunger, destruction & disease. It came in the face of a little girl. She wore no shoes, but walked on happiness. Had no music but danced to life. She did not care about what life had not given her- she was just happy with what she had, a sash, hope and two little bags of food. Her moment came not wrapped with bows of perfection, as a hand out or even from circumstance-her moment came from choice-and sharing her moment changed my life. My summer moment came with the realization that with the gift of having a voice, and the freedom of writing and speaking my mind, comes the responsibility to stand up, to speak up and to share the stories of those who live a life unheard. So I share with you this moment. And while I know that no lens, no portrait or prose can ever capture it’s essence again- I hope that you too will find a moment of perfection in the face of this little girl.

Runners Up


Fully Fearless




Ruth, the World Changer I wish I could say that it was courage that made me finally step out of a loveless, dead-end relationship with a man that would never quite commit to marrying me—but it wasn’t that. It was something else entirely…loss of fight. I was fighting for someone that wasn’t fighting for me. In fact, the thing I feared most was to actually let stop being the tenacious one. All my life I’ve fearlessly skydived, marathoned and more. Being alone was the only adventure that I ever ran from. So one day this summer, I set my heart free. Days later, I stepped into a boat with six other strangers to tackle a level 5 rapids on the Chattooga River. Amidst the titillating thrill of the river run, the heavens opened and the rain came pouring down. As we anchored the boats, I jumped into the river and threw up my hands with an internal Hallelujah. I did it! What a ride! Like life, it had been a bit rough at times, but this moment was all mine. A fearless adventurer


Freshman Year




I drove my niece to start her freshman year in college - 9 hours from home - and her boyfriend came along. Walking into the dorm room for the first time made both of them reflect on what it was going to be like to be so far apart. It was a bittersweet moment to observe. She was so hopeful. He was encouraging, but cried when we drove off and left her to her new life as an honors science major. He's back home trying to get a job at the steel mill. It was a moment packed with a lot of emotion.

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