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What do women want? It's an interesting question and one that many of my friends and I are already asking. Most women I know between the ages of 28 and 68 want and need a "traditional" wife because there simply are not enough hours in the day for today's working woman to handle everything.

I'll give you a perfect example: Last month, I stayed with a girlfriend of mine in Denver for three weeks. She is a senior geophysicist in an oil exploration company. She is a scientist, a mother of two teenage boys, and recently divorced. She has a good size house in the suburbs and two big huskies...

The first day I was in her house, I did a load of laundry for her, made up the beds in the house, took the dogs to the dog park, went to the grocery store, bought flowers for the kitchen table, and made dinner to surprise my friend.  She came home around 6 p.m., walked into the kitchen -- briefcase still in her hand -- looked at the set table, smelled the food in the oven, looked at me and BURST INTO TEARS. I thought I had done something wrong and she waved me off. When she collected herself, she told me that in the 22 years she was married, no one ever made dinner for her or did a load of laundry or made up all the beds in the house. She could not get over the fact that a guest in her house would do this for her. My response was a shrug of the shoulder, and I said, "Well, somebody should have been doing this for you and with you all these years."

This is the type of stuff I hear and see all the time...

Astrid Sheil, Ph.D. is an assistant professor of communications studies at Cal State University San Bernardino. Originally from Washington, DC, she graduated from Georgetown University.

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