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Bobby Deen

The Womens Conference

How He Empowers Others

Younger brother Bobby Deen joined the cooking family business at an earlier age, working with Paula in her at-home meal delivery business as a teenager, and eventually joining older brother Jamie in the running of The Lady and Sons as it launched. One of "People Magazine’s 50 Most Eligible Bachelors" in 2006, the younger Deen brother is a restaurant entrepreneur lifer, and compliments both the style of his mom and his elder brother in rounding out a brand that can now lure in those from 16 to 60, unlike any other in the genre.  Bobby did a great amount of the behind the scenes work with Paula in the first days of the brand build, but his effervescent personality and understanding of the food business served as the natural foundation for him to join older brother Jamie in the successful Deen Brothers media brand that they are both now managing and creating in publishing, new media and television.  The Food Network’s "Road Tasted" is one of the most-searched cooking shows in television history, as much for the appeal of its hosts as for the down-home recipes offered up to a growing legion of new fans.  Like brother Jamie, Bobby Deen has a strong personality that protects every detail of the brand, and carefully plans out all of the next steps of what has become more lifestyle than cooking, for both he and his brother as well as his celebrity cook mom. 

Bobby is a notorious sports enthusiast and whenever possible enjoys time on the golf course or playing baseball.  Among his family and friends, he is known for being a great dinner host at his Savannah home which often involves casual grill dinners and watching a game on a big screen TV.