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Caroline Kennedy

The Womens Conference
Portrait by Joseph Moran

How She Empowers Others

Caroline Kennedy is the Vice Chair of the New York City Fund for Public Schools, a non-profit organization which seeks private sector support for public education.  A graduate of Harvard University and Columbia Law School, Kennedy is an attorney and the author/editor of seven best selling books on civil rights, American history, politics and poetry. Caroline Kennedy also serves on the Commission on Presidential Debates and the Profile In Courage Award Committee of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. She and her husband, Edwin Schlossberg, have 3 children.


  • I admire Caroline Kennedy for many things. I identify with her for being a mother who wants to contribute more. It's a tricky balance, being a mother of 3 and pursuing your own career. Thank you Ms. Kennedy for all that you give.
    Donna Darling

    Posted by newagain, 31 July 2010.