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The “power of we” is at the heart of Chevron’s approach to community engagement. In places like California, where we work and live, we’re creating relationships with local businesses, investing in basic human needs and education. By forging lasting partnerships, we hope to strengthen communities for the better.

How WE Empower Others

Chevron is built on the idea that with commitment and ingenuity there is no problem that cannot be solved, no challenge that cannot be overcome. This is how the 59,000 people of Chevron, and over 10,000 here in the Golden State, approach their jobs everyday. It’s how a California-based company that started in 1879 is now one of the world’s leading energy providers.

We share the values of The Women’s Conference in living your legacy and giving back. Everyday, our people are committed to building new relationships to help build a stronger California. Last year, we invested $11 million in community programs in the state and $119 million globally. Here in California, Chevron supports organizations like the Women’s Initiative for Self Employment, Creating Economic Opportunities for Women and Wardrobe for Opportunity to provide employment opportunities to improve people’s quality of life. Programs like these are a few ways that we strive to be the partner of choice in the energy industry.

By providing the energy the world needs now, safely and reliably, and developing solutions for the next generation, Chevron contributes to economic growth and prosperity. Today and everyday, we salute The Women’s Conference -- those who join together to empower, inspire and educate. Through the “power of we,” all of us can achieve a better future.

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