Christy Salcido


Christy Salcido, Director of Marketing, CHAYA Restaurant Group

I would like to have Meg Whitman over for brunch to talk about the extraordinary challenge of blending life and work.  I use the word "blend" because I'm realizing that the word "balance" just seems unrealistic.   How do you continue to maintain career aspirations while trying to be a good wife and mother?  Meg is certainly someone who has achieved incredible success as a brand marketer and a CEO, and now she aspires to be our state's next Governor.  Having become a wife and mother relatively late, I spent most of my 20s and 30s focusing primarily on my career and now I'm struggling with the "blend."  I'd love to hear Meg's perspective on this topic over a latte (Starbucks, of course).
And, of course I'd like to pick her brain about her plans for California, specifically around education.  I'm a native Californian who has lived in two other states and keeps coming back to my hometown of Los Angeles.  So I am eager to have a conversation with Meg about her ideas on how to make this state the best that it can be for my daughter Carly.  Meanwhile, I will do my best with this blended life of mine that I happen to love.

Christy Salcido is the Director of Marketing for the CHAYA Restaurant Group and M Cafe in Los Angeles.  As an 18-year marketing and communications veteran, she's led strategic campaigns for high-profile brands, such as Starbucks Coffee Company, as well as non-profit organizations like producer Norman Lear's nonprofit youth voting campaign, Declare Yourself.

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