Congratulations to Margaret Dano, the Top March on Alzheimer's Fundraiser for August!

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Trish Eileen Marg and Jackie Dano
Trish, Eileen, Margaret and Jackie Dano





Margaret is marching in honor of her father, Thomas Dano. Her three sisters will be flying in from all over the U.S. to march with her: Patricia Dano from Maine, Eileen Dano-Tkacik from Pennsylvania and Dr. Jaculeen Dano from Texas.

When Margaret and her sisters were young, their father encouraged them to believe in themselves and to dream big.  He was always there to coach, inspire, teach and nurture them to fulfill their potential.

When Margaret’s successful and otherwise healthy father turned 50, he started showing signs of Alzheimer’s: forgetting where he was, forgetting where things were, forgetting who people were. 

By 55, he didn’t recognize anyone, and her mother became his full-time caregiver.

Because her father was in his 50s, he was not eligible to receive State or Federal Aid. He passed away at 63, prior to being eligible for Medicare.  The financial cost was devastating to the family. 

Margaret became a strong supporter of the Alzheimer’s Association after the death of her father.  She served on the organization’s Los Angeles chapter Board of Directors and as a member of its Audit Committee.

Her goal is to encourage families to reach out to the Alzheimer’s Association and to get the help and information they need to survive this, as Maria Shriver puts it, "mind-blowing disease."  The Alzheimer’s Association provides resources for both the patient and caregiver, support groups, certified daycare facilities, Geriatric specialists, and more. 

Margaret often thinks about her father’s lifelong dream of packing up the RV and, together with their mother, driving across the country and visiting the grandchildren. 

Now his dream drives her to be the highest fundraiser for Maria Shriver’s March on Alzheimer’s on October 24, 2010, and she is certainly on her way.

We encourage you to join her team or contribute to her personal page.  Let’s support the Alzheimer’s Association, which serves these families during their time of need.

Margaret Dano is a senior executive with over 30 years of operating experience in Best Practice Companies.  Ms. Dano retired as Vice President of Worldwide Operations for Honeywell’s Turbo Technology business. Prior to Honeywell, Ms. Dano served as Vice President of Worldwide Operations for the Office Products Division of Avery Dennison Corporation. She has served on the Board and Audit Committee of the Los Angeles Alzheimer’s Association.

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  • It is so inspiring to read about the power and support that families have when times get tough and hard decisions have to be made. It seems Margaret had heeded her father's advice and is now encouraging, coaching, inspiring and teaching others about Alzheimer's disease- It is evident that she is continuing to DREAM BIG and will be instrumental in raising awareness of this horrible affliction. I joined her team to march on Sunday and know we will all make a difference together!

    Posted by KleenSlate , 9 September 2010.