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Dana Gray, Art Teacher/Yogi

Usually, I would consider folks like Thomas Jefferson (Just abolish slavery and let women vote, Tom—trust me on this one) or Britney Spears (What was going through your head when you shaved it?), the Dalai Lama (Show me the way to some inner peace please) or even Stacy London (What should I wear? If I knew what to wear, I’d probably have more inner peace)…but today, I think I’d like to have brunch with a doctor—specifically, a primary care physician who has the freedom to practice medicine, and not just “manage” my health within a 10 minute appointment... 

I’d like to have brunch with a primary care physician who is not in a rush and who will write referrals for specialized care willingly. I want a doctor who will send me to physical therapy for neck and back problems and not insist per HMO policy that I watch a video on “back safety.” I’d like to have brunch with a physician who will attempt to treat my various maladies and concerns with something other than generic prescription drugs and a pat on the head. 

I’d like to have brunch with a doctor who has the time to really get to know me and my body. Right now, aside from my mother and husband, the only person who knows me and my body is my massage therapist, and that just makes me really sad. Because as great as Tess is, she is only qualified to heal my body through touch, and sometimes touch isn’t enough. 

I want to have brunch with a doctor and discuss my health in a leisurely, pleasant manner over mimosas and bacon (okay, turkey bacon). I want a doctor who will not say, for instance, that if I have more to discuss I will have to make another appointment. I want to have brunch with a good doctor—do you know any?

Dana Gray is an art teacher, yogi, avid gardener, tree hugger, and natural foods freak. She lives in Sacramento with her husband and rad labradoodle. Because art teachers are largely unemployed in California these days, Dana tends to her blog and juices organic fruits between yoga classes and naps.

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