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Deborah Norville

“One’s capacity for success is limited only by one’s capacity for hard work.”

How She Empowers Others

Deborah Norville is an Emmy winning broadcast journalist and New York Times best-selling author with nearly three decades reporting experience.  The anchor of the nation’s top-rated syndicated newsmagazine, Inside Edition, she is credited with bringing new strength and respect to the program.  Inside Edition is regularly seen by roughly five million daily viewers nationwide, as well as in 30 foreign countries.

Norville brings curiosity and energy to her work.  She made national headlines and received awards for her gripping reporting from inside the Davidson County, NC jail, reputed to be the nation’s toughest.  There Norville lived behind bars, treated like any other inmate to give viewers a rare glimpse at what jail life is really like.  Her eye opening reports underscored how little ‘rehabilitation’ truly goes on.

She stepped behind a microphone to give viewers the inside story on the music business.  Writing and recording a pop song and later shooting the music video to go with it.  She has taken her viewers in an F-16 over the destruction of the World Trade Towers in 2001 and brought them to the crash site in Colombia where only four people survived the horrific crash of an American Airlines jet.  Norville also conducted the first interview with Paula Jones after her lengthy legal battle with President Bill Clinton.

That same curiosity led to Deborah’s career as an author.  Her latest book, Thank You Power:  Making the SCIENCE of Gratitude Work for YOU (October 2007), was a New York Times best seller.  In it Norville, reports the research proving the quantifiable benefits of living a grateful life.  Offering exercises for harnessing Thank You Power and stories of individuals who’ve employed it, Norville persuasively argues that Thank You Power can lead to greater cognitive ability, more energy, improved health and a brighter outlook. 

Her first book, Back on Track: How To Straighten Out Your Life When It Throws You A Curve (Simon & Schuster, 1997), was a motivational self-help book which draws upon her experiences at NBC's Today Show. I Don't Want To Sleep Tonight (1999, Golden Books) offers children and their parents suggestions to keep scary dreams away at night. It became one of Golden Books strongest sellers. I Can Fly (2001, Golden Books) followed with advice on building children's self esteem.

Norville is a sought after lecturer, speaking on current events, work/family balance and motivation.  Her website offers advice for busy moms (including menus and shopping lists), homework tips, and observations of the world around us.  Her website offers specifics about her latest book.