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We HonorDr. Sally Ride

Dr. Sally Ride

"Whatever girls dream of, that's
what they should reach for. That's
what they can achieve."

Why WE Honor Her

Dr. Sally Ride is a pioneer in space, science and technology. Her accomplishments encourage young girls to stretch their minds and seek careers in science and technology. Ride is President and CEO of Sally Ride Science and professor of Physics at the University of California, San Diego. She also founded the Sally Ride Science Center to expand her commitment to girls and young women interested in science and math, and she initiated NASA’s EarthKAM project, which enables thousands of middle school students to take photographs of Earth from a camera aboard the International Space Station. Ride has written five children’s science books and has spoken at over 200 events for girls, young women and teachers. She has won many honors and awards including induction to the National Women's Hall of Fame.

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  • This program is so wonderful, and watching some TRUE "sheros" being honored - and listening to their stories - is amazing validation that we can change the world, one step-one person, at a time. Thanks, Maria

    Posted by DrJerryVTeplitz, 26 February 2009.