Emma Brownell


Emma Brownell

What tops my 2010 To Do list? To go bigger and better.

It took a long time to get where I am now – working a job I love and engaged to the guy I love. Nine years ago I was working for an investment bank and very, very single. Things have changed.

The foundation for a big, wonderful life is here, under my feet. This is the year to build on it. I want to hone my leadership skills, refine my voice, share my wisdom. And along the way, I want to spend time playing – being silly, seeing French movies, going out for a glass of wine, taking new hikes in unexplored mountain ranges.

I don’t think rushing things tends to work -- at least not for me. (Hence the stint in investment banking) But working, pushing, ploughing seems to be the only way to move forward, as long as you get your time off -- your time to breathe and to have that potential Eureka moment.

So here’s to bigger and better – and to finding the time to stop and breathe.

Emma Brownell is the editorial manager of The Women's Conference website and co-chair of The Human Rights Watch LA Network.

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