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09/10/10 | Michelle King Robson | 1 Comments

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People, especially women, always ask me how they can make a difference. How can one person make a difference in the lives of many? How can we advocate for the health and wellness of all women?

When I started EmpowHER, I had a mission – to improve women’s health and change their lives…one woman at a time.  Now, I am asking you to do the same. You alone can help thousands even hundreds of thousands of women just by telling your story, sharing the stories of others, and telling other women.

I want to tell all of you about EmpowHER’s 1000Women campaign www.1000women.com:

Through our 1000Women campaign, EmpowHER is recruiting 1,000 women who will then each tell 1,000 women about this campaign. Our goal is to create the biggest movement for women’s health and wellness in recent history!

Here are three easy ways to get involved:

Tell A Friend -- For every woman that participates in 1000Women, 5¢ will go to women's health research.

Vote for A Story -- Stories with the most votes will be featured in major, national promotional efforts. Stories that reach 1,000 votes receive special promotional opportunities.

Inspire Others -- Help other women by sharing your story.

When we have reached our goal of reaching 1,000,000 women, EmpowHER will donate $50,000 towards women’s health research, and YOU will have had everything to do with that! See, just a few seconds of your time and your email address, and 1,000,000 women’s health can be improved and lives changed – just like that.

This is your chance to share your story with the world. This is your chance to change the lives of the women you love. This is your chance to enable friends, family and strangers to advocate for their health and wellbeing. I am calling on you to get involved. We NEED your help! Your involvement may save a life one day.

Michelle King Robson is the founder, chairperson and CEO of EmpowHER.

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  • Dear Michelle;
    It's because of people like you that I am alive today. Had I given up, had I stopped looking for answers, a heart attack would have already taken my life.

    It will be my pleasure to reach out to all I can to encourage them to participate in EmpowHER’s 1000Women Campaign.

    Rebecca Fortunato

    Posted by Rebecca's Heart, 22 September 2010.