Heidi Klum


Heidi Klum, Host/Judge/Executive Producer

If I could invite anyone to brunch, it would have to be God.  Especially now, as a mom of four young children, I find myself trying to see the world through their eyes and really getting drawn into the bigger issues.  It’s like when your kids start asking you, “Why…why…why?”  And then I start thinking about the kind of world and society we’re leaving to them, so all the big life questions start bubbling up.  Why are humans so selfishly and blindly destructive—with our resources, with each other? Why don’t we take some basic steps to take better care of our planet?  Why do we think so short term? 

There’s such a huge gap between abundance and poverty.  When kids who are as fortunate as mine ask how we can help those less fortunate, it really gets me to wonder right alongside them. We produce, in many respects, so much more than we can deal with in a responsible way.  For instance, if we’re talking about food -- it’s unthinkable that we enter into a cycle of making more than we can handle. Industry makes out with more profits from processed foods, but we all get more unhealthy from eating these heavily processed, non-quality foods.  I feel like we don’t make enough due with what’s naturally there for us, and we misuse our resources terribly.

So I guess I’d ask God—why, with all our rationality and ability to think things through as human beings, do we still make such a mess of things?  We have so much waste, in so many senses, and we just look to the moment rather than thinking of how our actions now will affect us, and, more importantly, our offspring in the future.

Heidi Klum is a top model, as well as the host and executive producer of the five-time Emmy-nominated series Project Runway. Klum also hosts Germany’s Next Top Model.  She has written a lifestyle book, Body of Knowledge: 8 Rules of Model Behavior and just launched a new book Rankin’s Heidilicious featuring some of her favorite photos taken by talented photographer Rankin. Heidi has designed her first capsule collections for A Pea in the Pod, for the company’s Motherhood Maternity label. Her charity involvements include work on behalf of such organizations as the American Red Cross (as part of its Celebrity Cabinet) and the Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric AIDS Foundation.

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