Jennifer Loesch


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Jennifer Loesch

On a daily basis, I create and accomplish tasks I have outlined on a To Do list. These lists focus on menial actions that -- through accomplishment -- will guarantee my day is productive, but not necessarily fulfilling. Therefore, I consider it imperative to make long-term goals, so that I don’t one day find myself wondering when my hopes and dreams passed me by. However, long-term goals are exceedingly difficult to efficiently accomplish and cross off a list. My solution? I plan to live my life focusing on the present while taking time once in awhile for self-reflection and long-term planning.

Having graduated from college in May, and working in my first full-time position, I recognize that I am in a transitional stage in my life, making 2010 the perfect “once in awhile” for me to exercise self-reflection, evaluation, and reinvention. So, in 2010, the first item on my To Do list is to take the advice of Scripps College, my alma mater, and invoke Incipit Vita Nova –“here beginneth the new life.” I took this inspiring motto to heart as an undergrad, and want to once again influence every action with the optimism and purpose of one beginning anew.

Jennifer Loesch graduated from Scripps College in May with degrees in Economics and Psychology, and is now a member of the Development team at Foothill Family Service in Pasadena, California. Foothill Family Service is a non-profit organization dedicated to  "Building Brighter Futures for Children and Families" that believes strong communities begin with healthy families.

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