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Karen Berg

The Womens Conference

How She Empowers Others

Karen Berg is the leading female Kabbalist of our generation. With the inspiration and guidance of Karen and her husband, Rav Berg, The Kabbalah Centre has grown from a single location into the world’s leading source of Kabbalistic wisdom.

After her secular upbringing in New York City, Karen spent her early 20s searching for a more spiritual path. Upon meeting her future husband, Kabbalist Rav Berg, she dedicated her life first to learning and then to teaching Kabbalah. Karen was one of the first to realize that the time had come for Kabbalah to come out of hiding and take its place in the modern world. Decades later, Karen remains passionate about the way in which Kabbalah can be used by all humankind as a practical tool for self-improvement.

Historically, Kabbalah had been reserved only for advanced scholars — and there were very few women among them. Yet The Bible itself includes many strong and spiritually enlightened female personalities. By making Kabbalah accessible to anyone with the desire to learn — regardless of religion, national origin, or gender — Rav and Karen Berg defied centuries of restriction but also restored the spiritual equality and inclusiveness that is so prominent in the sacred writings themselves. Today, the study of Kabbalah has become the fastest-growing spiritual movement in history. The Kabbalah Centre is a worldwide organization whose 50 branches have provided instruction to nearly four million students. As a leader in this historic movement, Karen Berg has helped thousands fulfill their personal potential and come closer to living a spiritually based life.

Karen is also the driving force behind the Spirituality for Kids Foundation, an early-childhood education program that has enriched the lives of thousands of families. As co-director of The Kabbalah Centre and founder of Spirituality for Kids, Karen has expanded the role of women spiritual leaders throughout the global community and has helped introduce the teachings of Kabbalah to the world. With her vast experience and profound understanding of Kabbalah, Karen lectures worldwide, offering wisdom and support to those in need. She has also written extensively on parenting, relationships, meditation, and peace. Karen currently lives with her husband, children, and grandchildren in Los Angeles.