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Katherine Schwarzenegger & Bobby Shriver





Every time I go to my favorite Santa Monica restaurant, I take note of a giant painting on the wall of a big, beautiful sailboat. It’s called, “Brave Men Run in My Family.” Being my mother’s daughter, the first time I read that, I said, “Hey! What about the women?” But by now, I’ve fallen in love with the artistry of the painting and its message about men.
The truth is -- great men run in my family. Every one of them is loving, compassionate, kind, intelligent, engaged, honest, and even more. So I asked myself -- Who I should focus on for an article on “Guys We Love”? I‘m so fortunate to not only have great men in my own family, but to have been able to meet many great men out there in society. I could have talked about my father (but he is a whole piece onto himself), my brothers, family friends, celebrities, even presidents of our country.   

But I kept returning to the same place: my four amazing uncles -- Bobby, Timmy, Mark, and Anthony Shriver. Each one of my mother’s brothers is fantastic in his own right. They are four Guys I Love.  

Being Shrivers to the bone, each of my uncles runs a successful nonprofit organization. Bobby is at (Red), Timmy at Special Olympics, Mark at Save the Children, and Anthony at Best Buddies. Each of them believes deeply in public service. To me, they are examples of how men can live lives filled with passion, purpose, work, giving and love.

What I admire most about my uncles is their dedication and loyalty to their families. Each one of them has an amazing marriage and fantastic kids. Each of them works at being a present and available father in each one of his children’s lives. I’ve seen it firsthand. No matter how busy they are, they always set aside time for their kids, as well as their nieces and nephews. Whenever I need one of them, I know that I can always count on him being there for me. All four of them are “show-up” kind of guys. 

And they’ve really showed up in the past year, when our family has gone through the loss of my grandmother and great-uncle and the continuing decline of my grandfather. My uncles have been four strong pillars holding our family up and helping keep us all together.  

That’s why my four uncles are Guys I Love. I’m so lucky to have them in my life. 

For more information about each of my uncle’s charities you can visit their websites (above).


Bobby Shriver & Katherine Schwarzenegger
Katherine with Bobby Shriver



Timmy Shriver
Timmy Shriver



Katherine with Mark Shriver
Katherine with Mark Shriver



Anthony Shriver
Anthony Shriver



Katherine Schwarzenegger is a sophomore at the University of Southern California and is majoring in communications with a minor in gender studies. She created VIDA Bags last fall to promote the awareness of maternal mortality and is currently working on a book to be released in the fall on body image. You can follow Katherine Schwarzenegger on Twitter @KSchwarzenegger.

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