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What guy do I love?  Is it my father who always gave me such sage advice?  How about my brother who is always there for me?   Or is it my husband who supports my choices no matter what?  After a great deal of thought I have decided (though worthy) it’s none of these. 

In 1963 I chose law enforcement for a career, moving up to police officer in 1971. As the only female patrol officer I was not welcomed with open arms.  That’s when I found that the guy I love is Mr. Chauvinist.  The guy who consistently told me I wasn't good enough, strong enough, or smart enough because I was a woman.  It’s because of him that I worked longer and harder at every thing I did.  It's because of him that I came out on top while he just faded away... Thanks Mr. C.
Katie Roberts is a retired police captain with 43 years in law enforcement. She has an AA, BS, MS and is a graduate of the Police Command College. Currently she is Vice President of the Governing Board of Chaffey College. Katie lives in Upland with her husband and daughter.

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