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Linda Ellerbee, Television Producer, Journalist & Best Selling Author

I’m 65. I’m not ready to retire yet. I cannot stop getting older, but I’ve made a decision not to rot. To this end, I’m starting to live -- and work, thanks to laptop and cell phone -- outside the U.S. for a part of every year. And I'm quite aware how lucky I am to be able to make this choice. The country I have chosen to live in is Mexico. I figure it this way: The hills around my little house there, including the hill I live on, will exercise my body because I must walk almost everywhere I go. Swimming in the ocean will exercise my body and my spirit. Learning to live in a different language (and to speak that language) will exercise my mind. Absorbing a different culture — learning to enjoy it, respect it, understand it — will exercise my heart and soul. And making the decision to do this, to take the leap of being a stranger in a strange land, to risk embarrassment, loneliness, awkwardness, the feeling of being the outsider, of being misunderstood, making mistakes, getting it wrong and wrong again before getting it right, maybe never getting it just right — well, this exercises my courage. Every day. Whew. I believe I’m ready to go lie down after so much exercise... 

Linda Ellerbee is an outspoken journalist, award-winning television producer, best-selling author,  breast cancer survivor, mother, grandmother and one of the most sought-after speakers in America. She is the co-founder of Lucky Duck Productions, which produces programming for Nickelodeon, ABC, CBS, HBO, PBS, Lifetime, MTV, Logo, A&E, MSNBC, SOAPnet, Trio, Animal Planet and TV Land, among others.

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