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Lisa Ling, Special Correspondent for The Oprah Show and Contributor to National Geographic Channel, Nightline, and CNN

What do women want? Women want to be able to do everything. The thing that continues to plague American women – as it has for the last decade or more – is that conflict between choosing one’s professional world and one’s personal world.

I’m a living example of this. I’m 36 years old, and I know I have to start thinking about whether I want to bring children into this world now. I don’t have excessive amounts of time to wait. But I’ve spent my whole life building a career I feel deeply passionate about, one that involves a tremendous amount of travel, excessive hours -- complete immersion.

More and more these days women just don’t feel their age. They feel younger physically, mentally and psychologically. But the reality of women is that there is this clock ticking louder and louder as you reach your late 30s. If you ignore it, you miss that boat.

Regardless of how far women have progressed in America, this continues to be the biggest conflict that professional women, in particular, face.

Lisa Ling is a special correspondent for The Oprah Show and a contributor to National Geographic Channel, Nightline and CNN. Ling serves as a contributing editor for USA Weekend and recently co-authored a book entitled Mother, Daughter, Sister, Bride: Rituals of Womanhood.

Lisa Ling was a speaker at The Women's Conference 2009.

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