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Lisa Niemi

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How She Empowers Others

Lisa Niemi has spent decades on and off film sets learning from established directors and cinematographers to gain the knowledge to produce and direct One Last Dance in 2004.  No stranger to acting, writing and directing, Niemi adapted the award-winning screenplay from the original play that she wrote directed and starred in with her husband, Patrick Swayze, and Nicholas Gunn called Without a Word.  Performed at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Los Angeles in 1985, Without a Word won six Drama Critics Awards including Best Play, Writing, Direction, and Performance.

In 2008, Niemi directed Patrick in “My Brother’s Keeper” one of the episodes from his critically acclaimed television series “The Beast.” The show focused on a veteran FBI agent that is assigned a new partner, unaware that he was recruited as a double agent to investigate his activities.

Most recently Lisa and Patrick co-wrote his memoir titled “The Time of My Life.” The autobiography is a behind-the-scenes look at their success in Hollywood and their remarkable love story, creating a memoir that is both entertaining and inspirational. A large part of the captivating story focuses on their private life and time divided between their ranches in New Mexico and just outside of Los Angeles, including their mutual passion for aviation and Arabian horse breeding. “The Time of My Life” has already become both a New York Times Best Seller as well as an international best seller.

As an actress, Niemi has appeared in both film and on Broadway. Her film credits include Steel Dawn, Beat Angel, Letters from a Killer, Younger and Younger, and Slam Dance. Her theatre credits include Will Roger’s Follies, Love Letters, and the award-winning production The Brick and the Rose.

Niemi is a classically trained dancer and began her profession training for the Harkness Ballet.  She then danced with the prestigious Joffrey Ballet and the New York Contemporary Dancers.

Niemi currently divides her time between New Mexico and Los Angeles.