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We HonorLula Washington

Lula Washington

"Where would I be without dance?
I can't imagine life without dance.
I wanna dance forever. That's what
I plan to do. Even when I'm gone
to the next place...I'm gonna be

Why WE Honor Her

Lula Washington is the founder and artistic director of the Lula Washington Contemporary Dance Foundation (LWCDF), which includes a dance school, youth dance ensemble and professional dance company. Based in South Central Los Angeles, LWCDF provides a creative outlet for minority dance artists, choreographers and for young people in the inner city. In nearly 25 years, LWCDF has served more than 10,000 young people, making an immeasurable difference in their lives and in the quality of life in their neighborhood. It serves as a safe haven for youth and an incubator for personal growth.

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  • It was indeed an HONOR and a PRIVILEDGE to have joined the Lula Washington Contemporary Dance Foundation (LWCDF), at TWC 2010 for a NIGHT AT THE VILLAGE; AS a devoted Drummer/Percussionist, Vocalist, and Performer, it is truly HEALING, INSPIRING, NURTURING and EMPOWERING to work with such talented and full of humility Artist as Lula Washington, Rene Fisher-Mims, Nizinga Camara, Djembe Jan, Ce Tomalli, to name only a few along with a host of incredible dancers LIKE Eve, Angela,... and stage hands. The ancestors are rejoicing behind our tribute to Minerva and our painstaking welcoming perssesion. I am utterly humbled and immaculately GRATEFUL for the opportunity to have been amongst such incredible women and agents of change our communities so desparately depend on to improve the quality of life locally, as well as globally...and beyond. Peace and Abundant Blessings Siempre, QMTabia.

    Posted by tsalimu96, 27 October 2010.