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05/28/10 | Sean Molloy | 3 Comments

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Sean C. Molloy

By Sean C. Molloy

“We need a man in this office. If we get one more dose of estrogen in here, I‘m gonna lose my mind.”

Those words – from the well-seasoned professional who runs the influential Women’s Conference -- were music to my ears. She was looking to hire a man at the Conference headquarters. And that was my “in” to snag an interview for a job.

She wasn’t looking to procure a cure-all “Mary Poppins” or Man Friday for an executive’s office. These down-to-earth women just needed an administrative assistant -- someone to change the water cooler in the office or wrap the occasional gift basket, fabulously.

Nervously I prepared for my interview, out of my carpetbag of tricks, I pulled the crispest pink Brooks Brothers shirt (thanks Dad!), the most ill-fitting dark denim jeans I could squeeze into, and asked my numerous hair stylist friends for suggestions on my current coif. (If I could have afforded it, there would have been teeth bleaching, tanning and even liposuction.)

Armed with my resume of network television assistant endeavors and my snappy personality, I ventured into waters untested by such a bird of so many varied feathers as I thought I was. I hadn’t a clue that the job that I needed and wanted, but was never on my “vision board,” would change my life…and add a few more colors to my proud, feathered frock!

Over a year later, one Women’s Conference under my belt and one approaching very quickly, one Best Buddies Ride down, one Alzheimer’s walk finished, countless hours worked and volunteered with the WE Programs and a year of treasured memories and friendships forged in so many ways, I realize…

  • Where else can a guy with a hint of mint, openly discuss his relationships -- whether professional, romantic or family related – with some of the most amazing minds in the world?
  • Where else can a guy ask if he looks fat in Banana Republic chinos and get an honest answer?
  • Where else can you cry on a friend’s shoulder, laugh out loud at everything, bag groceries for the less fortunate, celebrate Women’s History month with the history-makers, offer flu shots to the homeless, meet living legends, sing show tunes with Emmy nominees, swap recipes with actual mothers, talk about the curse of diseases, interact with political dignitaries, wrap gift baskets with the women who run Hollywood and comfort abused single mothers?
  • Where else can a guy who toiled for years in an “evolved man’s world” actually get the chance to do something that will make a difference in this world?

Well, ladies and gentlemen…right here at the center of The Women’s Conference community. I thank the good Lord everyday for my life: problems aside or behind me, for my mother, my sisters, my aunts, my nieces, my girlfriends, my extraordinary colleagues, and, of course, this hugely life-changing experience.

P.S.- I cannot wait to see the fall collections on every one of you ladies!

Sean C. Molloy was born and raised in LA, he has a BFA in Cinema from Southern Methodist University and worked for years in network television before finding himself at the center of it all as an Administrative Assistant at the Women's Conference. He enjoys long walks on the beach with his puppy Clancy.

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  • You are incredible, Sean! Always have been.

    Posted by Paige, 29 June 2010.

  • You are extraordinary ;-) - I'm so happy I know you!

    Posted by TamaraT, 28 May 2010.

  • As every woman knows -- there's no girlfriend like your best boyfriend!

    Posted by GraceConroy, 28 May 2010.