Maria Shriver


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Maria Shriver, First Lady of California

My 2010 To Do list just couldn’t wait till the start of the New Year. On October 28th, I experienced the same powerful wave of energy that I always feel the day after The Women’s Conference.

I was moved once again by the alchemy of 25,000 women – and men – coming together to connect and share. Their collective spirit, commitment and passion left me with the feeling that, despite the particularly challenging time in which we’re now living, anything is possible. Change is possible. Change is mandatory.

But something feels different. Something is happening. At this transformative moment in time with the seismic shift in women’s economic status and responsibilities, there is an urgency to bringing about change. Our individual lives, our families and our society at large demand it. And that urgency gives momentum to a movement already well underway. If all sectors of our society don’t evolve to support the realities of how we now live, we will all suffer. And women will feel it the most. So we must take the lead.

Is there a more powerful force to create change than women coming together  - around the kitchen table, in community forums, in boardrooms, in classrooms, in the media and in all levels of government? We are nothing if not resourceful and resilient problem solvers.

So, in 2010, I am even more committed and passionate about pouring my energies into this movement to empower women to become Architects of Change. 

I want to pass it on. It’s time.

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