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Martha Beck, Ph.D, Life Coach and Author

I’ve written so much about my favorite guy I’m afraid people are sick of reading about him -- but really, how many people get to live with a blond Buddha?

My son Adam introduced himself to me in strange, beautiful dreams before he was born.  When genetic analysis revealed he had Down syndrome, I was already so enthralled by this unusual person that, despite my fear, I welcomed him into my life.  I actually believe he was the one making sure I had a choice.  That would be like him.

Ever since, Adam has been my walking evidence that difference enriches humanity, and a conduit of wisdom from somewhere deeper than cute stories about “special” kids.  He’s given me the courage to be my true self.  He’s opened up a world filled with gorgeous mysteries, invisible to most of us, but perhaps not to him.

Sure, every child is magical to his mom.  But as the years go by, more and more of my fantastic-seeming pregnancy dreams have come literally true.  There’s something wonderful in the minds of many we call “disabled.” There’s magic in my guy’s blue Buddha eyes.  I suspect they see paths that may lead all of us home.

Martha Beck, Ph.D., is a life coach and author. She holds three social-science degrees from Harvard University and has written several international bestsellers, including Expecting Adam, Finding Your Own North Star, and Steering By Starlight.

Martha Beck will be speaking at The Women's Conference 2010.

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