Michal Brownell


Michal Brownell

For my Sunday brunch nothing would interest or reward me more than cooking breakfast (pancakes for one, scrambled eggs for the other, fruit for both) for my two daughters.

I'm 60 -- deep in middle age and facing the fact that my time is limited. I do my bit of volunteering at a local hospital and peer counseling at my church. I am in a great marriage; I have wonderful friends and lots of interests. I also have four children who live in Shanghai, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and New York. I live in London.

My daughters bring all sorts of things to my attention, from news events, to my need to add vitamin D to my morning regimen, to the surprise of Roberto Bolaño's fiction, to the joys (???) of Spanx. They surprise me, they make me laugh, and most of all, I miss and love them.

The next Sunday I'll invite my two sons.

Michal Brownell was born in New York. She has lived in Belgium, Italy, Holland, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Indonesia and England.  She has worked as a waitress, a journalist, a teacher, and a copy editor.

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