Molly Leibowitz


Molly Leibowitz

After living in New York City for over a year now, I have learned that it is crucial to pick your brunch partner wisely. Brunch is more than just a meal here. It is a social gathering and time to catch up with a good friend you haven’t seen in a while. A good brunch can last for hours and usually includes a cocktail; a great brunch includes a FREE cocktail. If I could choose any person to go to brunch with, I would pick Chelsea Handler.

Brunch, unlike dinner, is not the time for a serious conversation regarding politics or religion. Common topics at brunch are men, shopping and current reality TV show craze…essentially gossip. I can’t think of anyone better to cover the brunch topics with than Chelsea. I adore her and find her wit and sarcasm extremely entertaining. I would not gush over her, letting her know I have read both of her books multiple times and have them as audio books on my iPod. I would simply discuss the important things in life, such as The Jersey Shore, Lindsay Lohan shenanigans, Tiger Woods’ indiscretions and all things Madonna.

Keep it light and keep it fun for brunch. I know Chelsea Handler enjoys her vodka…I wonder how she feels about mimosas and Bellinis?

Molly Leibowitz is twenty-three, currently lives in Manhattan and works in PR. With a degree in Creative Writing from University of Arizona, she is constantly writing, even scribbles and doodles. You can find her prancing around the city, sometimes tripping, with her blackberry in one hand and a Diet Coke in the other.

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