Morning Breakout Conversations


Tuesday, October 26
10:30 - 11:30 AM

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It’s Time to Learn How to End the Struggle Over Food and Lose Weight

Host: Pat Clarey, Senior Vice President, Chief Regulatory and External Relations Officer of Health Net, Inc.

  • Jillian Michaels, Wellness Expert
  • LaVern Vivio, Christian Speaker and Radio Personality [Featured family member from Losing It With Jillian]

Too many times with all of life’s pressures, personal health hovers near the bottom of the to-do list. It should be high on the list, and it can be. It might mean leaving a long-time comfort zone but America’s toughest trainer can give you the tools to succeed and put health first. And she’ll bring LaVern Vivio, someone who knows firsthand what it takes to end this struggle after being featured on Losing It With Jillian.


It's Time to Talk About What Happens When Women Lead

Host: Blair Christie, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications, Cisco
Moderator: Campbell Brown, Anchor

The qualities of successful leadership – courage, vision, strength, empowerment – don’t change whether you run a media conglomerate, a non-profit, an Internet search engine or a church. What does change is the challenges each leader faces and the strategies used to solve them. Do women use different strategies that men don’t? Are women different kinds of leaders?


It’s Time to Talk About Your Happiness

Host: Susan H. Tousi, General Manager of Consumer Inkjet Systems, Eastman Kodak Company

Deepak Chopra is a world-renown advocate for mind-body health. His decades of exploration of the mind, the body, spirituality and the world - 55 books so far -- have given us a better understanding of ourselves and what we can be. Martha Beck is the nation’s best-known life counselor. The two of them will join Goldie Hawn to discuss civilization’s most important quest - the search for happiness. Hear their unique voices together.




It’s Time to Talk About Marriage and Relationships: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Host: William G. Margaritis, Senior Vice President of Global Communications & Investor Relations, FedEx
Moderators: Dr. Mehmet Oz, Host, The Dr. Oz Show and Lisa Oz, Author

  • Al Roker, Weather & Feature Reporter, NBC’s The Today Show, President & CEO, Al Roker Entertainment and Deborah Roberts, ABC News Correspondent
  • Hal Rubenstein, Fashion Director, InStyle Magazine and David Nickle, Associate Vice President of Engineering, AECOM

What makes one relationship work while another falls apart?  Is there a secret to finding your soul mate? Lisa Oz has researched the connections between healthy minds and healthy relationships, the importance of being authentic and generous and how those characteristics will impact every relationship in your life.  Let's take an inside look at how three very different couples have survived the ups and downs, the good and the bad, and have built successful and meaningful lives together.



It’s Time for a Once-in-a-Lifetime Conversation With a Legendary Architect of Change

Host: Larree Renda, Executive Vice President, Chief Strategist & Administrative Officer, Safeway, Inc.
Moderator: Linda Ellerbee, Television Producer, Journalist and Best-Selling Author

Robert Redford is much more than an outstanding actor. He’s an Oscar-winning director, a passionate environmentalist, social activist, innovator, producer, businessman and the founder of the Sundance Film Festival, which has become the world’s premier showcase for new and independent talent in the movie industry. Who better to explore Redford’s life and 50-year career than the legendary Linda Ellerbee?



It’s Time to be Healthy in Mind, in Body, and in Heart

Host: Christine Dahm, Vice President, Marketing, Nestlé Prepared Foods Company

  • Alice D. Domar, Ph.D, Director, Domar Center for Mind/Body Health, Co-Author, Live a Little, Expert,
  • Dr. Susan Love, MD, President, Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation

Each of us is going a little crazy trying to do everything we’re told is necessary to be healthy. Too many people’s goal is to live forever when it should be to live as long as possible with the best quality of life possible. So take a breath and live a little. Whether you’re a scrambling parent, a frenzied executive or both, Dr. Susan Love and psychologist Alice Domar offer ways to be smart about your health while taking the weight off your shoulders so you can live a big life.



It's Time to Be Inspired and Pass It On

Host: Tami Erwin, President, West Area, Verizon Wireless
Moderator: Lisa Ling, Journalist

  • Edit Schlaffer, Founder Women Without Borders, SAVE - Sisters Against Violent Extremism
  • Loung Ung, Activist, Author

Some activists think and act globally. Sometimes they use their celebrity to draw attention to injustices against women in emerging countries. Others work to empower women in countries transitioning to a modern culture. Each of these women, in their own unique ways, have turned their hearts and their heads toward making a worldwide difference for women.