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Pamela Serure & Carole Isenberg

The Womens Conference

Events of the Heart is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease, the #1 health risk for women. Since its inception in 2006, Events of the Heart has used the arts as their platform and performance as their delivery system. Their mission is to change the fact that…

  •       Every minute, a woman dies from heart disease
  •       This year, 4% of women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, while 44% of women will be diagnosed with heart disease
  •       Heart disease kills more women each year than all of the cancers combined

They have created a number of theatrical pieces that have been preformed across the country, their latest is called Heartthrobs. Written by noted authors and performed by well-known celebrities, this performance carries both the humor and poignant moments of what is at the heart of women today. Many celebrated actors have performed for them on behalf of women challenged by heart disease including: Eva Longoria Parker, Marcia Gay Harden, Dana Delany, Brenda Strong, Joy Behar, Sherri Shepherd, and Holland Taylor.

Survey responses show that women viewing these performances have a 90% increase in their understanding heart health issues and a 75% increase in their commitment to their own heart health. Following each event Events of the Heart offers audience members on-site testing and information about making lifestyle changes to ensure their future heart health.

At the California Women’s Conference Events of the Heart is initiating their new campaign, “The Million Women’s Heart Project.” For this initiative, they are gathering representatives from the leading U.S. heart organizations as well as leaders in the fields of medicine, health, entertainment, politics, lifestyle, and business. The challenge is to get 1 million women across the country tested for heart disease. This collaborative effort will be an ongoing campaign to join forces with the medical and business communities to combat the heart disease epidemic among women.
Pamela Serure and Carole Isenberg are the co-founders of Events of the Heart. Pamela is a respected health expert and the author of several books, including Take it to Heart: The Real Deal on Women and Heart Disease. At age 47, Serure, who exercised, meditated and lived all things healthy, was given two days to get her affairs in order before she received emergency triple by-pass surgery. Out of her shock and years of her recovery, her passion to help educate and save the lives of other women was born. Carole Isenberg is a producer and educator who helped develop such films and mini-series as The Color Purple, The Women of Brewster Place, and This Is My Life. In all her work, Isenberg’s goal is to synthesize the worlds of education and entertainment.

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