Paula Deen


Paula Deen, Celebrity Cook & Entrepreneur

I don’t need to think twice about this; I would ask my late Grandmomma Paul to brunch if I could. Bless her sweet self—Grandmomma Paul taught me how to cook. I spent countless hours in her kitchen getting an education on all the good things in life—Southern food, of course, but she also taught me the value of love, family, neighborliness and compassion. She was a real presence—she ran a wildly successful little hot dog stand in Hapeville near the airport—and I guess I picked up a little bit of that fire from her, too. She would like knowing that.

I would cook up a mess of all her specialties: turtle soup, fried chicken and fried peach pies. That may not sound like a likely brunch menu to you, but I’m sure she would love knowing that I’m still cooking her favorite recipes and that they are in my cookbooks and read by a bigger crowd than she ever dreamed of back in Albany, Georgia. In between stories, hugs, and laughs, we’d manage to eat every bite.

Paula Deen is the author of the best-selling cookbook, The Lady and Sons Savannah Country Cookbook. Her bi-monthly magazine, Cooking With Paula Deen, has circulation of over one million. Not to be outdone with print and magazine success, the Deen brand then moved to television. “Paula’s Home Cooking” premiered on The Food Network in November of 2002, to huge audience success, and spawned her second show, “Paula’s Party” in 2006. Today Deen has three shows running concurrently on the Food Network. Beyond print, magazine and TV, Deen collaborates with the Helping Hungry Homes Program which was launched in 2008 to feed America’s hungry families. She also has a Paula Deen housewares line and a furniture line -- Paula Deen Home Collection.

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