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PepsiCo is committed to improving all aspects of the world in which we operate, creating a better tomorrow than today.


How WE Empower Others

Our Performance with Purpose objectives bring together what is good for business with what is good for the world.  Performance with Purpose is about:

•    improving the nutritional profile of our products and launching new products that reflect consumer demand for healthier, nutritious snacks and beverages;
•    replenishing the environment through water, energy and packaging initiatives and
•    supporting employees through a diverse and inclusive environment that recruits, retains, develops and cherishes world-class talent.

The PepsiCo Foundation is committed to developing sustainable partnerships and programs that provide opportunities around the world for improving public health and protecting the environment.  Our global focus also includes creating pathways to equality for girls, women and ethnic minorities through education and other means of empowerment.

PepsiCo is proud to be an official sponsor of the 2008 Women’s Conference, supporting the Conference’s mission of empowering, inspiring and educating women.

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