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Reena De Asis

I love a man who uses the power of words to move mountains. Mohandas Gandhi, Dan Millman and Zack de la Rocha top my list – and have shaped my life.
Inspired by Mohandas Gandhi, I live my life as my message and strive to be the change I wish to see in the world. Through his words and actions, Gandhi influenced movements that emphasize civil disobedience and non-violence, inspiring civil rights leaders around the world, including Martin Luther King Jr.
Dan Millman motivates me to tap into my spirituality and be a Peaceful Warrior. As a renowned author and speaker, he speaks of no ordinary moments in life and the value of subtle life lessons. He encourages transforming daily life into a spiritual adventure. His work is uplifting, insightful and grounding. One of my favorite reads is Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior.
Lastly, for a “One of These Things Is Not Like The Other,” moment, I acknowledge lyricist and activist, Zack de la Rocha of R.A.T.M. He is fierce. R.A.T.M’s music wakes me up and reminds me to not be complacent. Note: “You are the witness of change, and to counteract, we gotta take the power back” and “You'll never silence tha voice of tha voiceless.” His lyrics inspire his audience to question authority – the status quo -- everything. Be inquisitive, informed and active. Stand up and be heard; give voice to the voiceless.

Reena De Asis is a MarCom professional with experience in the corporate, agency and non-profit sectors. When she's not initiating a corporate volunteer program or organizing a renovation mural project, Reena immerses herself in live music or savoring chocolate nuggets of wisdom. Words to live by: "My life is my message," by Mohandas Gandhi. Her passion is

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