Rhonda Fleming


Rhonda Fleming, Teacher

Wow! My To Do list is short but sweet. It involves very little money, a sincere inner perspective and, most of all, a sense of humor.

In the past, my To Do list would include specific travel, new purchases, possible job and education upgrades, or a visit to a local tourist spot. The list would emphasize change, renewal, be supported by a “spend money” mentality. But what really put a twinkle in my eye was when I realized my list for 2010 was more about connecting with personal health, family and friends, and community. How wonderful is that?

Here’s what I want to do:

  • Build relationships with family and friends
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle
  • Support my community
  • Value life now and for future generations
  • Create daily moments that touch the heart 

As a teacher struggling to stay employed, connection and reflection are critical to my happiness. I’m excited to begin my list of To Do’s and look forward to sharing a meal or a ride to the local farmers market with others. I am thankful for the little things such as a call from a friend, or a pot of tea brewed after a long, frantic day. Completing my To Do list by spending time with others with a new LOL mentality makes sense to me and could add a few cents to the household budget too!

This could be my first year to complete everything on my To Do list. I can’t wait to get started. Life is good! Are you ready to share a meal or a cup of tea?

Rhonda Fleming is the mother of two daughters and works in Los Angeles as an elementary school teacher.

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