Rita Sheil


Rita Sheil, HR Consultant

What do women want?

"Order from Chaos" (from the Latin "ordo ab chao") is a great Masonic axiom. Human beings can make life very chaotic and difficult at times.

Women want to make a difference -- and they want respect and equality. To this end, I think women want the three Cs -- Courage / Confidence / Conviction.

They want --

1. Courage to go forward with their ideas and dreams.
2. Confidence to believe they can make a difference and to communicate this effectively.
3. Conviction to stay the course -- no matter how intense or difficult it gets, because we all know it will.

Rita M. Sheil has over 20 years of experience in all areas of human resources, both domestic and international and in the public and private sectors and over ten years in Human Resources Consulting. As a consultant, Ms. Sheil assists a broad range of corporations both in the public and private sectors building strategies to help meet both long and short term goals and objectives.

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