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Scott Leibfried

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Scott Leibfried comes from a long line of produce farmers, dating back to the early 30's. From his family roots, Leibfried gained a comprehension and passion for food by understanding and appreciating the artisan part of where food comes from. As a teenager, Leibfried discovered his passion for culinary and pursued his dream to become a chef at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island. Upon his graduation, he traveled all over the Northeast and Europe working with world class chefs to gain the best experiences to acquire the craft of cooking. During his travels, he took away the knowledge and understanding of food quality, culture and how food relates to people's lifestyles. He also gained the experience and a broad outlook of food and wines around the world.

In 1997, Leibfried relocated to the West Coast as chef for the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills where he supervised all kitchen departments, menu development, and special events. There he learned how important every detail is and how demanding the very best of ingredients equals excellence- a motto he continues to practice everyday.

In 2002, he accepted a position as the executive chef for Napa Valley Grille in Westwood, California. As executive chef, he was responsible for the creation of recipes by continuing to develop the style and improve the quality of food. While working at Napa Valley Grille, Leibfried discovered his style of cooking that he enjoys.

Prior to becoming the executive chef at Soleil@k in San Diego, Leibfried worked in Michelin rated restaurants owned and operated by Chef Gordon Ramsay in London. He is also a member of an independent task force that is a restaurant consulting firm that conceptualizes, constructs and implements concepts and systems for independent restaurants and hotels.

Leibfried can presently be seen on the hit television show "Hell's Kitchen" as a sous chef for the FOX Network and has appeared several times on The Food Network's series, "Party Starters" and the "Challenge" series. He evaluates and consults with Gordon Ramsay on all of the restaurants on the hit series "Kitchen Nightmares. Chef Leibfried is well renowned in the culinary industry and has been invited as a guest Chef at the James Beard House, Crystal Cruise Lines, Compass Group and at Nationwide Food and Wine Expos.

Leibfried is a regular at many local farmers markets, as well as a frequent traveler to the California Wine Country. His style of cooking is taking the freshest ingredients and cooking them in their simplest form without disguising them. He looks forward to opening one of his concepts in Los Angeles soon.