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Stephanie Quayle

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In her song "Alley of Desires," Los Angeles based Country Recording Artist, Stephanie Quayle may boldly declare she's "living the dream," but she sure didn't get there by resting on her laurels or coasting by on her good looks -- though she certainly could have. But Stephanie is not that type of woman. The road to her latest project, No End, is paved with a surprising amount of life experience worn into this bold singer-songwriter's cockroach killers. From the slow burn of "Promise You Won't Feel a Thing" to the bold, boogie-woogie declaration "Ain't No Housewife," Stephanie sounds as confident as she does earnest, paying respect to country elders while pushing the envelope of Americana music.

Stephanie's youth was spent in a dusty Montana barn, the hum of country music legends in the background. The muse came early -- age 12 -- to this American beauty, though her earliest efforts at songwriting denied the inherent twang in her voice. Eventually, Stephanie embarked on a musical journey that found her forming her first band in Switzerland, a long way from the Rocky Mountains in more ways than one. Working to gain performing experience and notoriety in the middle of Europe only furthered this musician's resolve: to chase down that musical dream and let nothing stand in her way."It was the moment I knew that this would be my life," she says.

The trek toward that dream wasn't always pretty but it was real. Stephanie returned to the United States, making her way through gravel roads, dive bars and the elusive star-making machinery to finally replant her roots in Los Angeles. But much as a surprise to Stephanie as anyone else, those were the same country roots that once buzzed in the din of her Montana barn.

Turning away from the establishments that could have made Stephanie's dream chase all the easier, she decided instead to be an independent artist, which led to writing and recording No End. "It was no longer about what everyone else wanted me to do, or who to be, it was about what I wanted to create and how I wanted to tell my story." The songs tell the tale of Stephanie's journey, of her triumphs and heartaches, tears and laughter. With irresistible melodies, tell-it-like-it-is lyrics and down-home rhythms.  Los Angeles audiences all seem to agree that Stephanie Quayle will seduce you with both her voice and her story, and maybe inspire you to kick up some dust and chase your own dream as well.