Suzanne Hogan


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Suzanne Hogan, Special Assistant to the Librarian of Congress

I know what women want. I acquired the answers on good authority… eavesdropping. The answers are all over the map and it would be irresponsible to withhold the truth from the world.  

Women want time off for good behavior. We give it to prisoners - why not throw a little love our way?  We too want our “twin-peaks” back up where they started.  Back in the day, we had bodacious “ta-tas” instead of one bodacious ta and one frank-n-ta from years of mammos, biopsies, and low-bid-boob jobs. On to another urgent want.  We want the wafting aroma of men’s cologne after 10 pm to be the manifestation of good hygiene instead of foreshadowing 7-minutes of sanctioned sinning.  Speaking of sinning, we want our significant others to sing like an idol and dance like a star, or just shut the hell up and sit down; who cares why the chevys at the levy when the levy is dry.  We want the color pink to be every bit as slimming and attractive as black, because apparently you can’t Jimmy Choo your way 4-inches taller without falling on your face. 

But in all seriousness, we want to know that it is okay to want again. Since the Wall Street brainiacs drove the nation to its knees, all any of us have heard for a year is how selfish we have been to want anything. We forget it is our wants that drive us to our passions, and our passions that make the world better for all.  Our lives have been enriched and improved by women who want so much they are willing to invest days, weeks, even years of their lives to achieve it. Women want cures for diseases, the hungry to be fed, the homeless to be housed, national security, health care – child care – elder care – respite care, justice and civil rights for all, equal pay, better schools, clean water and bright clear skies, houses for humanity, freedom to choose all sorts of things, the right to love and be loved, and a peace for all time. What do you want?
Suzanne Hogan, a married mother of two, resides in Potomac Falls, Virginia. Born in Kentucky into a large military family, she has traveled the world as the wife of an active duty Army officer. Now the Special Assistant to the Librarian of Congress, she's changed jobs 16 times, never getting more than two-weeks paid vacation.

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