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A guy I love is more than "a" guy, it is two guys, brothers.  They are my nephews, Gerald and Tyran Pippen.  They have always been in my life, born when I was only 10 and then 12 years old.  My sister went into a hospital for the treatment of a rare disease a few months after Gerald was born.  She was there for many months, so I became his surrogate mother - he called me mama. I remained his surrogate mother, and became Tyran’s as well, 2 years later.
Fast forward five years: I was in the hall putting linens away.  It was a rare moment that Gerald and Tyran were not reading the encyclopedia in lieu of comic books.  Instead, they were sitting in their room playing and listening to the radio.  The song "Who wrote the book of love?" was on and Gerald said, "I wonder who wrote the book of love?"  Tyran replied, "I don't know who wrote the book of love, but Cupid shot the arrow."
That arrow of love has been embedded in my heart for over 55 years.  We lived together at various times during their youth. I had to grow up fast. To be in the position of nurturer, respected and accepted as a role model and disciplinarian sometimes felt like a lack of love on my part. But both of them have since expressed appreciation for my role in their lives. In retrospect, I know that the hard line position I took was worth it.  They are well-rounded professional men, honored and respected in their respective communities, and grandfathers whose hearts Cupid has shot arrows into. 
They made a difference in my life in so many ways (spiritually, mentally, and ethically). I'm still hearing that song – “Who wrote the book of love?” -- wondering who else has been embedded by an arrow from Gerald or Tyran.



Sylvia McConico is an accomplished storyteller and actor.  She presents a unique collage of spoken word, drama and music. Her background in the corporate world, ministry and world travels has provided her with extensive experience in public speaking.  She participated in "World Peace Tour IV" and visited fourteen countries with seventeen speaking engagements in five and one half weeks in 2006.  Her "Ambassador for Peace" Award was put to the test. The "Sylvia McConico, Grand Mistress Storyteller" CD, a collection of stories about peace, community, family, and love, is available online. Find her at

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