The Modern House Call for Women



The Modern House Call for Women
Friday October 22 -
Sunday October 24
The Walter Pyramid at California State University at Long Beach


The Women’s Conference 2010 sponsored a groundbreaking event for poor and low-income women of Long Beach and nearby areas – The Modern House Call for Women. The event was a comprehensive health, wellness and financial services clinic available at no charge to uninsured, underinsured, and unemployed women.

Our “Modern House Call for Women” provided free medical, dental, vision and wellness care for thousands of women, without cost to the patient, taxpayer or government. The holistic event included educational exhibits and counseling services provided by non-profit organizations and government agencies to encourage healthy lifestyles and preventive care. We partnered with health clinics, medical groups and community-based organizations, including the Los Angeles Dental Society, Geffen School of Medicine and Planned Parenthood, among many others. In addition, the event also featured WE Connect¹s money savings programs. Some services included:

    Bone Density
    PAP smears
    Nutrition information and counseling
    Prenatal Care
    Chiropractic Services
    Money savings programs
    Housing Assistance
    Domestic Violence counseling and education
    Job Assistance


In total, The Modern House Call provided over 4000 services for over 2000 patients, from newborns to the elderly, with help from over 1000 medical volunteers.




A Doctor's Perspective: Maria Shriver's Modern House Call

I had the privilege of volunteering at Maria Shriver’s The Modern House Call for Women on Saturday and Sunday.  It was truly a pleasure working with all the other volunteers who shared my passion for helping women withtheir health care needs.  The majority of the women I saw in the health care clinic hadn’t seen a doctor for years and were completely removed from any health care system.  Most of them had no insurance and told me that they didn’t know where to go to see a physician...CLICK TO READ MORE