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Katherine Schwarzenegger

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Every time I go to my favorite Santa Monica restaurant, I take note of a giant painting on the wall of a big, beautiful sailboat. It’s called, “Brave Men Run in My Family.” Being my mother’s daughter, the first time I read that, I said, “Hey! What about the women?” But by now, I’ve fallen in love with the artistry of the painting and its message about men...

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Emily Greener

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We call them real men and ask those who fit the mold to please stand up. I’m talking about the men who revere women and respect themselves, the men who surround themselves with people who bring out the best in them and the men who are passionate about their dreams. The men man enough to be honest and vulnerable...

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Martha Beck

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I’ve written so much about my favorite guy I’m afraid people are sick of reading about him -- but really, how many people get to live with a blond Buddha?

My son Adam introduced himself to me in strange, beautiful dreams before he was born.  When genetic analysis revealed he had Down syndrome...

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Cat Cora

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My dad Spiro is my hero.  He is the best Dad in the world for so many reasons.  He is the most gentle, loving man with a terrific charm and sense of humor.  He is someone who I have always looked up to as a father, a teacher, a man and my friend.  My father taught me what it meant to love a man...

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It’s the start of a new year as well as a new Decade


Sylvia McConico

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A guy I love is more than "a" guy, it is two guys, brothers.  They are my nephews, Gerald and Tyran Pippen.  They have always been in my life, born when I was only 10 and then 12 years old.  My sister went into a hospital for the treatment of a rare disease a few months after Gerald was born...

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Ronni Kremberg

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Unbelievably, this happened today: My ex-husband (for the last 15 years) received a solicitous email from a hacker, claiming to be my sister. The email begged for money to help her because she had been mugged and robbed while visiting London. This caring man, maintaining anonymity, wired $2,500.00 to the scam artist. We discovered it too late...

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Alicia Keys

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There are many guys I love who have made a difference. I Love Deepak Chopra! I LOVE his books and his insight and the way that he wants to provide light and love to the world. I love Barak Obama and his passion for humanity and the way that shines through in every single move he makes. But the guy that I LOVE the most that I would like to write about now is my Uncle Joe McCarty...

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Reena De Asis

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I love a man who uses the power of words to move mountains. Mohandas Gandhi, Dan Millman and Zack de la Rocha top my list – and have shaped my life.
Inspired by Mohandas Gandhi, I live my life as my message and strive to be the change I wish to see in the world...

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Noreen Fraser

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When posing as a hung over, “loser” substitute teacher in School of Rock, Jack Black is asked by one of his third grade students, “Are we going to be goofing off everyday like this?”  Jack responds, “We’re not goofing off! We’re creating musical fusion! Rock and Roll is God’s work!”

That was the moment I fell in love with Jack Black. Two years later, I fell even deeper...

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Kathy Failes Carpenter

Kathy Failes Carpenter 101x101

Growing up with the last name Failes, I was teased and bullied because of my name. One day, when I was feeling rather dejected, my father said to me: "just tell them your middle name is NEVER." It worked -- or at least gave me the “moxie” I needed.

My dad -- George Failes -- is proof...

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