WE Educate
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THE FACTS: A young woman who graduates from college will earn about 76% more over her lifetime than a woman with only a high school diploma. This education provides her with a head start in her effort to become financially independent today—and in the future.

Our Program

WE Educate® young women seeking to expand their educational pursuits and go to college by providing ten $2,500 Minerva Scholarships. We have also reached out and encouraged others to join us by starting their own educational empowerment circle to pass on the opportunity to more young women.


Our Partners

We have partnered with our community to create education empowerment circles where women come together to support Minerva Scholarships in their name. Partners have included the United Negro College Fund, Hispanic College Fund and Scholarship America.





We have invited our Minerva scholars to become our Women’s Conference Ambassadors on their campuses, bringing other students to this empowering experience and into our online community.


Our Goal

To empower more young women educationally by expanding the number of Minerva Scholarships and expanding the network of support, partnerships and mentoring available to them as they move through the educational process.

How We Measured Success

  • Increasing the number of young women empowered through the Minerva Scholarships
  • Increasing the number of women and Minerva Scholars who share their stories of empowerment on WomensConference.org
  • Increasing the number of women who join us
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