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THE FACTS: California is home to more than 18 million women, more than any other state in the nation. We also have more women representatives to Congress than any other state in the nation. 

Our Program

The Women’s Conference has partnered with The California Museum to inspire people from all walks of life to know their past and dare to make their mark on history by educating them on the amazing contributions, unique journeys and achievements of extraordinary women to our state’s rich history. We have inspired them to become Architects of Change in their own lives, in their communities and across the nation.



Our Partners

We have partnered with The California Museum to bring to life all of the remarkable women that have come before us through the Remarkable Women exhibit. Extraordinary women from every walk of life continue to strengthen, shape and serve our great state. This exhibit has honored their significant roles and achievements, drawing its inspiration from past and present achievements of California women.



We have partnered with The California Museum to showcase the Minerva Awards – Remarkable Women, Remarkable Legacies exhibit. Named for the Roman goddess who graces the California State Seal, it has honored women who have stepped forward in the spirit of Minerva and changed our world with their courage, their strength, and their wisdom. This Conference-funded exhibit chronicles their lasting legacies.



We have partnered with The California Museum to present the Remarkable Women’s Legacy Trail, an interactive journey through the lives of amazing women whose stories are as diverse and awe-inspiring as the California landscape. Users have discovered how these women triumphed over adversity, forged new creative frontiers and overcame obstacles like slavery, poverty and discrimination to break gender barriers and become legends.



We have partnered with The California Museum, The California Arts Council and the Alameda County Juvenile Justice Center to create the Minerva Quilts Project to help inspire incarcerated young women to be seen and heard through their unique artistic interpretations that come to life in the beautiful exhibit for all to see and experience.



We have partnered with The California Museum to support the Latinas: The Spirit of California exhibit which highlights some of the remarkable Latinas whose contributions have helped to create today’s California.


Our Goal

To increase the number of Californians familiar with the role of trailblazing women in the state and their ongoing contributions to California’s rich history.


How We Measured Success

  • Increasing the number of exhibits featuring women at The California Museum
  • Increasing the opportunities for visitors to interact with the exhibitions featuring women including: lectures, speakers, storytelling, research, roundtable discussions and use of the California State Archives


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California Museum Photos


Guests at the opening of the exhibition With Malice Toward None The Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibition

With Malice Toward None: Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Exhibit

 Dorothea Lange's cameras  Alice Waters' mortar and pestle, and Chez Panisse poster