3 budget hacks to boost neutral decors

Once upon a time staying neutral was fashionable. For some people, it still is.

However, for others, neutral can tiptoe towards boring. Before you know it, walls can be flooded with white and a space is void of any sort of personality.

Today is all about transforming such rooms. Rather than focus on the obvious and tell you to head to the DIY store for a tin of paint, we’ll talk through some budget hacks that can add a dash of character to a room with minimal effort.

You can add vibrancy with flowers

We’ve just spoken about paint and how this tends to be the go-to solution for a lot of households who are looking to spruce up a neutral decor.

Well, a far less messy solution comes in the form of flowers. They are temporary, and you can chop and change the shade as you please. Particularly if you were to turn to one of the larger bouquets from somewhere such as Avas Flowers, the effect can be terrific.

Check out this Avas Flowers page for further inspiration on how you can add excitement to neutrals, or look through their Avas Flowers Pinterest page.

Sometimes it’s not about the color

A major misconception when it comes to decorating around neutrals comes about color. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to opt for brightness in the stereotypical form.

Instead, you can bring in texture and patterns which give a little extra oomph to spaces which might be overly plain. By going down this route, you’ll inject depth and interest into a room and take it far and beyond its, static, neutral style.

Bring in the whole house

Another misconception about neutral spaces is that it’s all about the walls.

In some properties, the walls are just the tip of the iceberg. Particularly in older homes, which might be constructed from architectural beams or columns, showcasing them can be an excellent way to draw neutral out of its shell.Newer properties can also benefit, with cornices and skirting boards both holding deceptive character if they are used correctly.

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