3 Key Benefits of Leaving Cuckoo Clock Repairs to Professionals

3 Key Benefits of Leaving Cuckoo Clock Repairs to Professionals

When you own a modern clock, there are only a few simple tasks for taking care of it and keeping it running. However, when you own an antique clock or a cuckoo clock, you will often need professional help for repairs. Projects such as replacing springs and hands, rebalancing pendulums, replacing the cuckoo, or refinishing the paint job can be challenging tasks. Oils from your hands can damage some cuckoo clocks. If you want your clock to last, it’s best to leave the upkeep and repair work to the clock repair professionals.

A type of clock known as a cuckoo clock is typically driven by a pendulum. It produces a sound similar to a regular cuckoo call by moving an automated bird with each note. The mechanism used to make the call has been around since the 18th century. Some cuckoo clocks only have the body of the bird leaning forward, while others have both the body and the wings open and close. Due to the complexity of this type of clock, repairing it can often be a challenge.

1. Less Risk of Damage

Even with a simple deep cleaning of your cuckoo clock, the fragile and lengthy process of disassembling it will be necessary. To disassemble your cuckoo clock for repairs or cleaning properly, you need to know what you’re doing. A professional clock repairer will be able to disassemble, clean and fix, and put the clock back together without damaging it. They have the necessary tools, training, and experience required to do it properly. If you try to take on the task yourself, you could end up making the problems worse and will have to take it to a professional anyway.

2. They Can Restore Your Clock

While some pieces need only minor repairs, full restoration is required for others. This process can help restore heirloom pieces and other prized cuckoo clocks that may have seen better times. Professional clock technicians can perform regular maintenance and repairs on your cuckoo clock to ensure its longevity. This is important for clocks that are family heirlooms.

Restoration of your clocks that have been in storage for a long time is often necessary to get them running again. A professional will inspect and determine what needs to be done to restore or repair your clock. They will then analyze the piece to identify the correct methods and techniques needed to get the job done without causing any damage.

3. The Work is Guaranteed

Many people try to perform repairs to their cuckoo clocks alone. Unfortunately, this could mean the possibility of damaging your clock beyond repair. When you take your clock to a professional, the work will be guaranteed. When choosing a professional to restore or repair your clock, make sure that they offer a full warranty on their work. Also, make sure that they deliver the clock in a safe and timely manner. Having a professional clock repair service handle your cuckoo clock can save you a lot of time and energy. It can also save money sometimes.

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