3 Reasons Why the Cow Milking Process Should Be Automated

3 Reasons Why the Cow Milking Process Should Be Automated

Milking cows can be an uphill and challenging task, especially when those cows are stubborn and uncooperative. However, cow milking is also a process that has changed very little in the past 100 years. Despite all of the technological advancements made in every other field over this period, cow milking has remained unchanged. It just isn’t right! 

The milking process is tedious, especially for farmers who have large herds of dairy cows. The cow can become challenging to hold with the manual process and even harder to milk when she does not cooperate. Hence the following are three reasons why farmers should use the automated process.

1) Automation Makes the Milking Process Easier and Faster

Today’s robotic milking machines are designed to sense when a cow’s udder is empty and then automatically release her once this is done. It also recognizes and communicates with the cow to know when she is to be milked. It means that you don’t have to come around to the cow every time she needs to be milked and manually release her udder with a rope or a leather strap. You can also determine when a milking machine has finished milking by looking at the lights on its back and monitoring whether they have turned off.

2) Automation Provides Greater Safety for You and Your Cow

One of the main reasons farmers prefer automated machines over manual milking is that they provide more excellent safety. Farmers used to get hurt when they were manually milking cows because they would get kicked or stepped on by the cow. However, you no longer have to worry about this with automated milking systems. They have sensors and computer programs that will immediately stop the robotic milking machine if it is about to injure or step on the cow. It means that you no longer need to worry about people being injured due to using these systems.

3) Automation Allows You to Create Different Milking Patterns

One of the main reasons farmers use these milking machines is that they allow them to create different milking patterns. Today, most farm owners only want their cows to be milked by hand once or twice a day. It minimizes labor costs and allows them to stay away from their cows. However, if they wanted to milk their cows more frequently, they could use automated milking machines. These systems can be programmed to go off regularly so that the farmers don’t have to do anything special on their own. The robotic milking machines will take care of the task for them by releasing the cows and milking them whenever they have emptied the udder.

In conclusion, cow milking is a process that has largely remained unchanged for the past 100 years. It is unfortunate because it makes the entire process so much more complex and time-consuming than it needs to be. However, farmers can make their lives easier by using automated machines. These devices are designed to automatically sense when the udder is empty and release the cow once this happens. They will also take care of all of the milking processes, meaning that farmers no longer have to stay up late at night to monitor their herds.

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