3 Times When You Need to Take a Suppository

3 Times When You Need to Take a Suppository

Medication should be taken in any form that best suits the individual and their medical history. While most kids and adults take oral or topical medications, it can occasionally be necessary to take prescriptions via suppository. This form of treatment can be inserted into the rectum, the vagina or in very few instances the urethra. There are several instances where taking a suppository may be the best way to get medicine into the body.

1- Regular Medication Not Taken Orally

Suppositories can often be an unpleasant but necessary way to take essential medications for the body. If the individual has trouble swallowing or is frequently vomiting, they may need to use a suppository as the only way to get the prescription into their bloodstream for their well-being.

Not being able to swallow or experiencing consistent dry mouth can make swallowing a pill of any size impossible. It might be caught in the throat, cause discomfort or pain in the mouth or break open and cause an unpleasant taste. Vomiting frequently won’t enable the pill to have enough time to be absorbed by the body before it’s rejected. Suppositories are uninterrupted ways to absorb the medication fully.

2- Vaginal Care and Birth Control

Many medications for expansive vaginal care come in suppository form. Suppository birth control is unlike daily pills or yearly shots to avoid conception. Instead, this form of suppository is inserted a period of time before intimacy so that the medication can melt and be fully effective when needed. This birth control serves to immobilize sperm cells and also block the cervix.

Suppositories can also be taken to address yeast affections or occasional vaginal dryness. Over-the-counter and natural suppositories are two options that can help address infections more quickly than creams or ointments. Doctors can prescribe and recommend prescriptions and medications that can be taken over a period of days to alleviate the symptoms. There has also been some research into the value of using natural boric acid suppositories to address yeast infections.

These suppositories have unique properties and often serve to bring relief faster than other forms of treatment. It’s important to choose the right form of suppository for the issue and based on individual medical health and history.

3- Blocks or Issues with the Digestive Tract

There are a variety of issues that can occur when taking a pill via mouth, which can make the suppository the superior mode of taking a supplement or medication. It’s possible the pill may break down too quickly or be destroyed entirely in the gastrointestinal tract. This will change the effective ability of the pill and affect its ability to fulfill its purpose. The body can interact with and change medication in a number of ways when ingesting and digesting a pill and being aware of those changes can help the decision between oral medications and suppositories.

Inserting a suppository can mean the difference between having the medication active in the body and bloodstream and risking the medicine not being properly absorbed in the body. Suppositories are a great method of delivery for those who struggle to take pills orally or have certain prescriptions that come as suppositories. They’re an effective method of taking medication without risking absorption rate or overall effectiveness.

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